“Our church has been greatly impacted by the ministry of Kingdom Partners. Michael and Norma have assisted us in leadership development, understanding and living in Kingdom power, and in truly ‘thinking outside the box’ in terms of our church’s vision and mission. Our dreams are bigger, our team is more equipped, and our mission is more precise because of Jesus working through Kingdom Partners.”

Reggie Mercado, Senior Pastor,
The Fountain Foursquare Church, Moorpark CA

“I have great respect for Michael, who has proven himself to be a man of integrity, maturity, and spiritual depth.  His gifting as a teacher and mentor are evident in everything he does.  He is passionate about helping people to grow spiritually.  His students always gave him outstanding evaluations, and he is loved and respected by the congregation and staff.  Michael and his wife Norma have a great depth and breadth of knowledge and experience.  Their teaching is balanced, clear, and well organized, and thoroughly biblical.  Because they live what they teach, their ministry has impacted many lives.”

Stanley Wilson, Executive Pastor, The Crossing Church, Tampa FL

“Kingdom Partners Ministry, founded and led by Michael and Norma Letinsky, is an excellent resource for churches in their effort to train the body of Christ and help the local church implement new or revitalize existing ministries…One very dynamic aspect of Kingdom Partners is the extended time commitment of months, in our case 12 months, which allowed an opportunity to build relationship and establish ministry over a period of time…It is with great confidence that I highly recommend Kingdom Partners Ministry and see this ministry as a great asset in the body of Christ.”

Matti Perttula, Senior Pastor,
Church of the Living Christ, Simi Valley CA

“Michael and Norma, with their love, life experience, consistency, wisdom and friendship played a key role in my personal development, and I am not alone. They just seem to have this effect on people they touch. They are spiritually mature and they constantly seek God’s will.  They are reliable and trustworthy. They possess tremendous experience and powerful testimony.  They love to serve God and are uniquely qualified to invest in the development of the future leadership of God’s kingdom here on earth.”

Craig S. Peterson, former Executive Pastor
and Foursquare Regional Coordinator