What is Kingdom Partners?

Kingdom Partners is God’s idea—a vision and ministry He birthed in 2003. This ministry assists the local church fulfill Christ’s command to make disciples.  Kingdom Partners is a non-profit religious corporation that serves as a resource to pastors, leaders and local churches to help develop effective discipleship and spiritual growth opportunities.

Our Passion

Our passion is to enable people to become fully committed followers of Christ, and to see the Church become all that it was meant to be!  God has called us to be teachers and equippers; we each have over 25 years of experience in training and encouraging believers to move ahead in ministry and their walk with Jesus.  Our ministry is carefully planned, but always Spirit-led.  We believe wholeheartedly in the power and ministry of the Holy Spirit, and honor His presence in all that we do.

A Commitment – Not a Quick Fix

We won’t just do an “information dump” and leave town!  Our approach is highly interactive and personal.  We work directly with the pastors and church family and partner with them for an extended period of time.  We train, model, mentor, and foster spiritual growth as we pour ourselves into people.  We establish relationships, develop ministry teams, train up leaders, and set the process in place to continue after we leave.  We believe that relationships are key, and we spend our time developing people, not building programs.

How Can We Serve You?

The challenge facing pastors today is that their many duties compete for their limited time and energy.  This makes it difficult for them to be fully engaged in the discipleship process.  As pastors ourselves, we understand their pressures and concerns.

Our role is to serve as a resource for your church in an advisory or adjunct position.  We help you determine where teaching and training are needed, always complementing your church’s unique vision and expression in the Body of Christ.  Once our ministry partnership has begun, we maintain ongoing communication and evaluation.

Benefits for Your Church

When people discover and use their unique gifts, the pastoral staff is relieved of having to shoulder all the responsibility for ministry.  When members are recruited, trained, and released into ministry, the church is strengthened, every member finds his/her place and passion, and a healthy environment for ongoing growth is created.


Spiritual transformation

Growing personal relationship with God

Authentic biblical community

Greater Bible knowledge and application

Increasing practice of the spiritual disciplines

Identification and development of leaders

Effective team ministry

A “missional” mindset

The Bottom Line

Unlike typical church consultants, we do not charge high fees.  Because “the worker is worthy of his wages,” we do expect to receive some compensation.  We have no set fee schedule–salary, stipends, or honoraria are always determined through prayer and mutual agreement.